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A new food event is coming:  Barks and Burgers! This Orlando burger festival will be a day of gourmet burger sampling, music and fun. Proceeds will benefit  Read more


Red Sea MAX True REEF-SPEC for a successful Reef Creating Reef Conditions in your aquarium. The MAX REEF-SPEC® performance criteria is the result of Red Sea’s years of research into the sustainable growth of all corals,... Read more


We’re going to talk about one of the most common problems people experience with their puppies or dogs; jumping. There are several reasons why dogs jump up at us. These can range from excite-ment, energy level, breed traits, etc. However, the... Read more


We know it can be tough to wrangle your cat for a trip to the veterinarian’s office. Many cats dislike the cat carrier as well as riding in the car, so heading in for an annual checkup can sometimes be a stressful... Read more


Long before I became involved in the “behind the scenes” aspect of the pet industry, I never really put much thought into how exactly the things I loved to buy for my pets wound up on store... Read more


By Laurie Johnson | St. Cloud - It’s a good idea to start doing your homework and research now if you are anticipating have a new furkid join your family!  Here are some helpful tips to help you navigate through the process of adopting a rescue pet! 1. Do Your... Read more


It’s less than 12 weeks before the SPCA’s May 17th Run for the Rescues, a 5K and 1 mile dog jog, benefitting the SPCA of Central Florida. When Vanessa Welch, the well-known anchor for WFTV Channel 9 evening news and avid runner learned about the... Read more


FitnessInterval training is a form of cardiovascular exercise where short bursts of strenuous activity are followed by periods of rest, raising and lowering the heart rate during the session. Used by almost all competi-tive athletes, interval training has long been recognized as one of the most effective ways to improve... Read more


We all know that people form a special bond with their pets and consider them to be an important part of the family. These special pets are treated and loved like the family members they are, and often... Read more


Many people believe that all dogs can instinctively swim. The truth is, thousands of dogs drown in swimming pools every year. Often times they can not find a way out of the... Read more